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I went to several vets in the LA area because my English Bulldog, Jameson, was starting to lose little patches of hair. We had just moved to a more mountainous area, and each vet attributed it to allergies. Then more hair started to fall out and his skin started to get flakey/dry, so vets tested for mange and other skin conditions and got negative results.

I found Dr. Richman at his former practice, and I am beyond thankful that I did. He called me shortly after Jameson’s drop off appointment and told me his initial thoughts were that it is an autoimmune disease called pemphigus foliaceus. Within a couple hours, the blood tests he ran confirmed it. THIS WAS AFTER 4 MONTHS OF VETS TRYING AND FAILING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WAS WRONG- HE FIGURED IT OUT IN ONE APPOINTMENT. His covid bedside telephone manner is great- very informative, keeps it real, and tells you the options. This is a very serious and potentially fatal disease and Jamo had about a 50/50 chance of survival, but we do have some really good treatment options to give him a fighting shot. I was convinced Jameson was done for, but Dr. Richman wasn’t at all. He proved me wrong.

Dr Richman took a genuine interest in Jameson- He treated him like he was his own dog. We formulated a plan A and plan B. Plan A was to throw traditional meds at it, and that did not work. Plan B was a protocol from UNC that was recently published, and he had used before. Plan B worked, but not without side effects. Dr Richman managed and mitigated the side effects and saved my dog’s life. I’ll repeat that- HE SAVED MY DOGS LIFE. Dr Richman took Jamo’s 50/50 odds and we all won.

Jameson went from a shell of his former self, back to the happy healthy playful pup that he is. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr. Richman- he is a special veterinarian, there aren’t many as talented as him in the world.

Still unsure? He just started this practice on his own after leaving a large chain of vets. Support a locally owned family business and get your pet the best possible care.

Logan C.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Dr. Richman and his care for animals. He is hands down the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable vet I know. He is thorough, kind, and doesn’t rush you out the door. The time and effort he puts into each and every animal is unmatched. He truly cares about every single pet and their owner. The level of veterinary care you will receive from Dr. Richman will not disappoint!
Amanda C.

Our 6 years old Golden Retriever, Smile, had a severe infection in his ears and had been suffering from that symptoms for several years. My wife and I took him to a few vets in our area but we were not seeing any progress. In January 2020, we met Dr. Richman and Smile’s life has changed dramatically since then.
Dr. Richman instructed us to give him the right food, the right medication and the right treatment. We just can not believe that Smile almost lost his ears from bad infection but could retrieved his quality of life.

Thank you Dr. Richman.

Arai Y.

I am following Dr. Richman from his last place of work because he has helped me tremendously with my two senior pugs who have had ear and skin issues. Dr. Richman was able to get my pugs’ issues under control. He is always kind and patient and doesn’t rush you through or talk down to you. He also doesn’t overcharge or suggest unnecessary procedures. One veterinarian scared me into thinking one of my pugs had brain seizures and tried to put her on seizure medication, but thankfully Dr. Richman correctly diagnosed her with just having a deep inner ear infection, which he successfully cured. Dr. Richman is smart, professional, honest, and genuinely cares about companion animals. I totally trust him, which is very important in these days of Covid when we have not been allowed to accompany our pets inside the veterinary offices. I am happy to follow him into his new practice and wholeheartedly refer him to others.
Michelle P.

I wanted to be the first one to review Dr. Richman’s new location after hearing he left his old practice. Dr. Richman helped my cat when many other vets couldn’t figure out the problem. Thank god he was able to get things controlled with her ears and her rashes as it was becoming very severe. He was the ONLY doctor who figured out her skin issue was related to a worm/parasite and helped us get it under control quickly. He is a very caring vet and always gets back to us when we need him. We wish we went to him first and would recommend to anyone!
Anthony P.

When we rescued our cat, he had such terrible allergies that he had groomed himself totally bare to his skin on his legs and belly from itchiness. We took him to multiple vets around LA and was told his bare skin and over-grooming was purely a neurotic habit of his. Dr. Richman was the ONLY doctor who cared enough to really figure out what was up with poor Louie. Turns out he’s allergic to everything! After a few months of allergy medicine, a few surgeries from leftover untreated ear infections, and immunotherapy shots, Louie is now fluffy, full of energy, no longer over-grooming, and happier than ever. We couldn’t recommend Dr. Richman’s services enough.
Allie H.

When my dachshund, Rose, was chewing and bothered by a spot on her leg we took her to the regular vet and they said try a few things and she got worse. We brought Rose to Dr. Richman and he literally just looked at her leg and asked a few questions then immediately knew she was having an issue from some recent shots. He gave her a medicine to the bump and a pill to give her for a few days and she was fixed! He was super easy going and we could tell he really knew what was happening. Definitely, would recommend.
Jessica B.

Dr. Richman has been excellent in taking care of my golden retriever with his skin issues and ear infections. He put him on a plan that has shown to improve his condition and is always willing to explain his methods thoroughly. He cares for Arnie as if he was his own dog and always goes the extra mile. I highly recommend Dr. Richman if your pet is facing any skin, ear, or allergy issues. He’s simply the best!
Sanjit S.

Dr. Richman has been seeing my dog Bailey for a couple years. She originally had a double ear infection and other bad skin problems. He did a “deep ear flush” on her back at the other clinic and now we just have to do follow ups for her various allergy related flare ups. She is really a changed dog now that we got Dr. Richman
Ari B.

I’ve been working with Dr Richman for nearly a year and find him to be the most competent and caring vet in practice. His knowledge is second to none and the caring manner in which he treats your pets assures you that they are getting the best care possible.
Daniel S.

They took my dog with bad ears and horrible skin outbreaks and made him happy again and mom too! Very caring!
Penny A.

I can’t thank Dr. Richman enough! I adopted a senior rescue dog with extremely severe and complicated skin issues that were undiagnosed until seeing Dr. Richman. He persisted with Finn’s case until he got to the root of the problem saving his life from a very resistant bacterial infection. Recently, Finn had a flare-up that required urgent attention. Because Dr. Richman is in the process of moving into his new practice, he said, “bring him over now to my house and I’ll see him.” He treated Finn in his backyard while safely adhering to Covid protocols.

Dr. Richman is compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgable and thorough. He treats his patients as if they were his own pets and does not rush his appointments. He even took the time to research a very expensive medication Finn requires finding the lowest price for me.

I highly recommend Dr. Richman to anyone with a pet needing skin or ear care!

Adrienne B.

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