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Exceptional dermatology
and allergy care for animals

Or call us at 310-855-3499

Exceptional dermatology
and allergy care for animals

Or call us at 310-855-3499

Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist

Our veterinary dermatologist specializes in providing the very best and most advanced care of animals with skin and ear diseases. Our clinic understands that every pet and pet owner are unique. We gather all information and come up with a customized diagnostic and treatment plan with the goal of achieving the highest quality of life for the entire family.

Why visit a specialist?

Veterinary dermatologists have done extensive post-doctoral training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, ear, hair, and claw conditions. This training and experience lead to:

  • Early recognition of unusual dermatological and ear conditions
  • Improved management of difficult cases
  • Possible cure for the most frustrating diseases
  • Ability to provide more treatment options
  • Advanced management of medications with the goal of balancing treatments and minimizing side effects

What we do

We work hard to find the root cause of your pet’s condition and come up with a plan to help relieve you and your pet from their suffering. Creating a plan for your pet’s skin or ear issue is a journey, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Specialty Services

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