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Dr. Austin Richman

Dr. Austin Richman


Dr. Richman is board certified in Veterinary Dermatology. After graduating in the top of his class from The University of Florida Veterinary School, he went on to complete a rotating internship at VCA Norwalk, CT and then a three year Veterinary Dermatology residency with Animal Dermatology Clinic in Marina Del Rey.

Dr. Richman has over 14 years of experience in the veterinary field and has authored multiple publications and book chapters on cryosurgery, papilloma virus, autoimmune disease and canine hair.

His areas of expertise include otology (the diagnosis and treatment of ear disease), cutaneous autoimmune and allergic disease, minimally invasive mass removals through the use of cryotherapy and Co2 laser minimizing patient discomfort and recovery time and is one of the leading feline dermatologists.

Dr. Richman has a great passion for otology and helping pets and their owners overcome frustrating and painful ear conditions. He studied under the world’s foremost experts in the field and completed multiple externships with world leaders in veterinary otology. Dr. Richman has expertise in creative medical management and video otoscopy. With every case, he strives to find the root cause of the disease.

Dr. Richman’s passion for helping people and their pets has driven him to become one of the country’s leading specialists in veterinary dermatology and otology. When pet parents struggle to manage complex skin and ear cases, Dr. Richman understands how frustrating this can be. His own dog Sandy, a Chinese Shar Pei, suffered with chronic skin and ear disease for her whole life. The commitment to being able to provide better lives for pets like Sandy, motivated Dr. Richman to excel in his veterinary studies and obtain a competitive residency in veterinary dermatology.

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